Should I use a fuel stabilizer with my fuel?

It is important whilst NOT using your power equipment for more than 2 months to put in correct amount of fuel stabiliser in engine's fuel tank, run for 3 to 5 minutes then shut off engine or shut off fuel tap if it has one till engine stops.  Most good quality two stroke oil will have a fuel stabiliser already in it, eg Echo and Shindaiwa.

Can I use my water pump to pump water from my saltwater pool?

Yes.  As long as the pump when finished has fresh water pumped through before storage.

Will my 1kva generator run my hairdryer?

No.  It is important to check the watts of appliances needs to run and make sure it is at least the same as 'running load' or 80% of 'Maximum load' capacity of the generator.

How often do I need to sharpen my chainsaw?

Generally rule of thumb is one to two tanks of fuel and or when cutting efficiency is lost.

My chainsaw does not cut straight, is it there a problem with the bar?

Predominately this problem is with the cutting chain, if it is incorrectly sharpened or dull/blunt more than the other side, it will cut towards the sharpest teeth of the chainsaw cutting chain.

How often should my mower be serviced?

Generally once a year, however in that time the air filter will need to be checked, and kept cleaned correctly.